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Guidelines for Scientific Presentation

General Guidelines

--> The presenter should be a member of the IPS and must have registered for the 51st IPS national conference.

--> Delegates can participate in only one of the following events: Scientific Paper, E-Poster, and Table clinics. They cannot be the chief authors/co-authors for more than one presentation. However, there are no restrictions for the NextGen contest.

--> The presentations should adhere to the central theme of the conference: Blending- Skill, Precision & Perfection.

Presentation Slots

--> Each ordinary life member is permitted to present 1 paper presentation. No restrictions apply for the NextGen contest.

--> For Student Presentations, there can be a maximum of 2 (1+1) authors in students' paper presentations, 3 (1+2) authors in student poster presentations, and 4 (1+3) authors in students table clinics presentations.

--> Institutions* with 3 intakes of postgraduate students are permitted to present 1 paper, 1 poster, and 1 table clinic. Institutions with 6 postgraduates are permitted to present 2 papers, 2 posters, and 2 table clinics. Conversely, Institutions* with a higher intake of postgraduates are allowed to present a corresponding increase in the number of papers, posters, and table clinics.

--> *Please note that registrations of all postgraduates are essential to avail the slots.

--> The conference web portal for student abstract submissions is dynamically integrated with the conference registration process. To unlock additional slots, presentation types, and categories, colleges must ensure sufficient registrations. In other words, all students from the college need to register for the conference to access all available presentation slots and types. As the number of conference registrations from the college increases, the portal will automatically expand the presentation slots accordingly. This ensures that students have ample opportunities to present their work at the conference based on the level of interest and participation from their college.

Important Dates and communications

--> The last date of submission for all abstracts in all categories and by delegates is October 1st 2023.

--> The list of selected student papers /posters/table clinics and faculty papers will be displayed on the website by November 15th 2023. Individual communication will not be sent.

--> The deadline for submitting entries to all NextGen contests is November 1st, 2023, while the assessment phase on IPS social media platforms will conclude by December 1st, 2023.

Information on Abstracts

The structured abstract for all presentations of not more than 250 words should be submitted under one of the following categories:

--> Original Research: The abstract headings should be as follows –Introduction, objectives, methods (including statistical methods where relevant), results, and conclusions.

--> Case reports: The abstract headings should be as follows – Introduction, case characteristics (patient’s age, gender, clinical presentation), outcome (diagnosis, treatment), discussion, and conclusion.

--> Review: The abstract headings for which should be -Background, methodology, discussion, summary, and Conclusion.

Each category will be further sub-categorized into Material Science, Removable Prosthodontics, Fixed Prosthodontics, Implants and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics, Esthetic Prosthodontics, Full mouth Rehabilitation, Digital Dentistry and Prosthodontics,3D Printing in Prosthodontics, Occlusion, Temporomandibular Disorders and Prosthetic Management and Sleep Medicine & Prosthodontic Management.

--> Abstracts of published articles and unfinished research will not be accepted. The abstracts should not have been submitted or accepted at any other state, national, or international scientific meeting.

--> Abstracts with plagiarism will not be accepted.

--> Abstracts are to be submitted online only. No abstract shall be accepted as e-mail, fax, hard copies, etc.

--> All student’s presentation abstracts should be attested with the signature and seal of the Head of Department mentioning the category of presentation. Kindly download the Scientific Presentation Declaration form, fill it, and upload the form using the link provided in the website.

Check Points

--> Carry your presentation on a Pen-drive in all formats. The liability is with the presenter.

--> Include all the author’s names in your presentations. Names of Guiding staffs, HOD, or College names should not be mentioned in any presentation formats. Displaying any such names will lead to disqualification.

--> The session’s best papers/ posters and table clinics shall be reassessed by a separate jury or if required the presenters may be requested to re-present for the Best Category awards.

--> The winners for all presentations shall be awarded only if the author and co-author are physically present at the time of the presentation and during the announcement of the award at the valedictory Function only.

--> The decision of the scientific committee is final and binding.

Paper Presentation

--> Free Paper can be submitted under two preferences - Faculty or Student.

--> There can be a maximum of 2 authors (one presenting author and 1 co-author) in a scientific paper presentation.

--> The Presenting author and co-author will need to be physically present during their presentation.

--> Each presenter will have a maximum of 8 minutes for presentation followed by a discussion for 2 minutes only.

--> One best paper will be selected per session. The author and co-author of the presentation should be physically present to receive the award.

e-POSTER Presentation

--> The title of the e-poster should not exceed 100 characters (including spaces).

--> Use clear headings and leave spaces between sections. Pictures and graphics should be of good quality, clearly labeled, and described.

--> Posters should be understandable to the viewer without verbal explanation. They should have a clear structure and layout with a minimum amount of text. It should be easily readable from a distance of 5 meters.

--> Presentations should be in one Powerpoint slide (Microsoft PowerPoint). The page setup/size is 16:9, 1080 resolution, Max size 10Mb, JPEG Format. Orientation: POTRAIT mode. Do not use slide transitions, animation files, movie, or sound links in the ppt.

--> There can be a maximum of 3 authors/participants in an e-poster presentation.

--> Each presenter will have a maximum of 3 minutes for presentation followed by 2 minutes of discussion.

--> The best e-posters shall be considered for display in the kiosk for the other delegates to view at any time during the conference.

Table Clinic presentations

--> One Table Clinic is allowed per institution.

--> There can be a maximum of 4 students/ participants in one Table Clinic.

--> Presenters will get a maximum of 4 minutes to explain their work followed discussion for 2 minutes.

--> One table shall be provided for the display. Each team will be allotted a space of 3 feet x 2 feet to display and present their work.

NextGen Contest

The NextGen Contest shall showcase the extraordinary talent and fanciful thinking of the zoomer prosthodontists. Participants will present their groundbreaking ideas, innovative techniques, and cutting-edge thoughts that will shape future presentation modes. The rising stars shall compete to redefine the boundaries of the field in video pitches, e-learning module challenges, and social media influencers contests. The contest is open to both Students and OL Members of the Indian Prosthodontic Society.

The Video Pitcher Competition

--> The theme should be related to the conference theme or it should be related to the promotion of the Prosthodontics specialty among the general public, patients, or dental professionals.

--> The duration of the video/ reel should be up to a maximum of 90 sec only.

--> In the case of Video /Reels that include clinical cases, treatment planning, and laboratory work related to prosthodontics, participants may include a brief description of the patient's condition, treatment objectives, and outcomes. The use of supporting images, radiographs, intraoral scans, and patient testimonials is encouraged. Participants must obtain proper patient consent and ensure the protection of patient privacy.

--> Reels must be submitted in MP4 format with a resolution of 1080p (1920x1080 pixels).

--> Participants are responsible for ensuring video quality and compatibility.

--> Participants must submit their reels electronically via the designated online submission portal.

--> All presented reels must adhere to ethical guidelines and maintain patient confidentiality. They should not be created for the purpose of self-promotion for individuals or clinics.

--> The top-selected reels will be presented during a dedicated session at the national prosthodontics conference. Participants must be prepared to present their reels live and answer questions from the audience.

--> The Indian Prosthodontic Society, the 51st IPS conference, and the organizing committee shall not be held liable for any copyright issues or conflicts of interest. All such matters shall be the responsibility of the respective authors or content creators.

Prosthodontic e-learning Module Challenge:

--> The e-learning module challenge focus on topics directly related to academic teaching of prosthodontics, like topic relevant to removable prosthodontics, fixed prosthodontics, complete denture dental implants, occlusion, or any other relevant subject within the prosthodontics.

--> The content must be evidence-based and referenced appropriately. Any claims or information presented should be supported by credible sources, research, or established clinical guidelines.

--> Participants are encouraged to use interactive elements, quizzes, case studies, or practical demonstrations to enhance the learning experience of the audience.

--> The module should cater to both beginners and advanced learners, providing a structured learning path with clear objectives and outcomes.

--> The content must be original, and any use of copyrighted materials should be appropriately cited or with explicit permission from the copyright holder.

--> Avoid any content that may promote discrimination, offensive language, or unethical practices within the prosthodontic field.

--> Participants should ensure that the E-learning module (through IPS you-tube channel) is accessible to a diverse audience, by incorporating features like closed captions and text alternatives for multimedia elements.

--> Participants should respect patient privacy and confidentiality when including case studies or patient-related content in the module.

--> Ensure the language used in the module is clear, concise, and easily understandable for learners of varying backgrounds and expertise levels.

--> The E-learning module should be compatible with commonly used devices and internet browsers, ensuring smooth access and navigation for all users.

--> Participants must comply with all relevant data protection and privacy laws while handling any personal data of learners or participants in the E-learning module.

--> Keep the module within 30 minutes in duration.

--> Use MP4 format for submission with a resolution of 1080p (1920x1080 pixels).

--> Ensure the content is educational. It should be engaging with multimedia contents.

--> Submit the entry through the designated online portal. It should be submitted by November 1,2023 adhering to the general regulations.

--> The Indian Prosthodontic Society, the 51st IPS conference, and the organizing committee shall not be held liable for any copyright issues or conflicts of interest. All such matters shall be the responsibility of the respective authors or content creators.

Social Media Prosthodontics Influencer Contest

--> Participants leverage social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook, to showcase their prosthodontic skills and knowledge of patient cases or in the promotion of prosthodontic specialty among the public and dental professionals. The competition focuses on participants' ability to create educational and visually appealing content, engage with followers, and convey prosthodontic concepts to a wider audience. The content should promote prosthodontics in the community.

--> Reels must be submitted in MP4 format with a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels). The content duration of the video / reel for social media influencers contest should be up to a maximum of 60 sec only.

--> The content should be posted online on IPS social media platforms by November 1st, 2023, and the evaluation will conclude on December 1st, 2023. The content must be shared via participants' personal accounts and on the IPS Facebook/Instagram pages. The organizing committee will review the submissions, content quality, and the number of likes received.

--> Kindly note all entries of the NextGen contest must adhere to ethical guidelines and maintain patient confidentiality. They should not be created for the purpose of self-promotion for individuals or clinics.

--> Upon submission through the conference web portal, the approved content shall be subsequently uploaded by the creators to both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Scientific Queries and Grievances


--> Any violation related to copyright or conflicts of interest, is the sole responsibility of the respective authors or content creators. The Indian Prosthodontic Society (IPS) and the organising committee of the 51st IPS has no affiliation with or endorsement of such content and disclaims any liability arising from its use or interpretation.

--> By submitting the content ( Both scientific, NextGen contest) to the 51st IPS conference, the delegates grant the necessary copyrights for its reuse in appropriate forums and publications. Please be informed that the decision of the organizing committee is final and binding in all situations.